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Centro Clínico Torrevieja

In the heart of Torrevieja, created as ‘Clinica Centro’ in 1993 was rebranded by Miracle Touch, Inc. on April 1st 2010 as 'Centro Clinico y Dental'.

Finally, since January 2016, following the suggestions ofour patients to avoid the term '…y Dental' could make think thatwe are just a dental clinic, we have modified definitively our name.

'Centro Clínico Torrevieja', more forcefully and with higher quality than ever before we keep always the Spirit founded on the Hippocratic tradition honest and scientific, coupled with a warm inviting atmosphere for the patient.

Thousands of active medical records accumulated in our archives proving the long-standing reputation in both medical and dental healthcare in the area.

clinica medica

Medical Clinic

Centro Clinico Torrevieja is a medical and dental outpatient clinic in Torrevieja.

The Medical Clinic includes General Medicine, Nursing, Paediatrics 20 specialities and an extensive set of diagnostic tests.

clinica dental

Dental Clinic.

Our clinic offers general dentistry, aestheticsurgery, dental implantsroot canals and paediatric dentistry.

Our prices are truly affordable, and we offer the highest qualityand guarantee on our work.

A quote is a available complete with finance options without obligation.

servicios especificos

Specific Services.

These special medical services can be of great use

Our medical services include: Assessment of bodily harm, forensic second opinions,court assistance, injury reports, support for traffic accidentsmedical examinations for limiting risk at work.


Driving Aptitude Test

We are a centre for driving psychometric tests, arms licencesnational boat-masters’ certificates, licence and ownership of potentially dangerous animalsprivate armed guards, cranes etc.