Traffic Accident Support Service.

phone 96 629 05 07

If you have suffered a traffic accident and have been admitted and discharged from casualty

In the Centro Clinico Torrevieja, we offer you observation during the entire period of recovery to avoid subsequent issues and secure the best possible compensation with our expert medical report.

After a traffic accident, one can take one of several routes:

  1. Through ourselves
  2. Through a laywer
  3. Through a car insurance company

Thus, after a traffic accident Clinic and Dental Centre will offer the best and most personalized health care, your complete rehabilitation and physiotherapy, consultations with general practitioner, orthopedic surgeon and other specialists, taking care of all the necessary arrangements with your company insurance for your comfort and peace of mind while you recover from your injuries.

What should I do in case of an accident?

After treatment in the emergency room and discharge from the hospital, please contact us

Call us on 96 629 05 07 write us an email at

We will see you at no cost and take you through the next steps, giving you an overview of the process that we carry out

The Clinic and Dental Centre will be your personal support until you recover fully from the accident