Medical Clinic.

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Medical Specialities

In Centro Clinico y Dental specialists who work with us are carefully selected by the Medical Director to ensure to the patient their professional quality to combine efficiency with personalized service. Enter this link for the 20 medical specialt...

Driving Licence Test Driving

Centro Clinico Torrevieja is also an authorized centre for driving aptitude tests (Psicotécnico) issuing the certificate of mental & physical fitness to obtain or renew your spanish driving licence, weapons, marina/sailing licence, da...

Central Services

The main services are General Medicine, Nursing and Paediatrics.

Diagnostic Tests

Todas nuestras pruebas diagnosticas son de alta calidad tecnológica y realizadas por profesionales altamente especializados en sus respectivos sectores. Entra y busca la que necesites o te interese más por cualquier motivo.