Centro Clinico Torrevieja is also an authorized centre for driving aptitude tests (Psicotécnico) issuing the certificate of mental & physical fitness to obtain or renew your spanish driving licence, weapons, marina/sailing licence, dangerous dogs & animals possession, private armed guards, cranes, etc…


Renewing your Licence

With this new system, you no longer have to travel to Alicante to the DGT or use a consultant to renew his driver’s licence.

After completing the medical examination you will get with us a temporary driving licence valid for three months (90 days), during this time your definitive licence is sent by ‘Trafico’ in the post to your home address.


Applying for a licence for the first time

To perform the test for the first time we can facilitate the medical certificate required by traffic for processing, in which case the paperwork is done by the driving school. For those who come stright from the driving school with their first license just obtained, a very special test price: 20 


Changing to a Spanish Licence

For exchanges, we provide the same medical certificate, but the person concerned has to make an appointment to go to ‘Trafico’ (DGT) in Alicante to conclude the procedure.

We perform your license exchange proceedings in Alicante (Tráfico). We suggest you ask us for further information


You can solve all your doubts typing us an e-mail to tramitacion@centroclinicoydental.com, or from this website in “About us/ contact us” (http://www.centroclinicoydental.com/inicio/about-us/) or just calling 96 629 05 07

Morning Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:30 to 13:30



What documents should be presented?

We take your photos digitally here for free. Do not worry for this but bring us:

  • Original driver’s licence.

  • DNI/NIE: Residence document

  • If you wear glasses or contact lenses for driving:

    1. It is required to bring them to the test.

    2. In this case traffic requires provision of a certificate of prescription of glasses or contact lenses issued by the optician. If not we will send you to a nearby optician where they do so at a discount.

  • If you use a hearing aid, bring it put to the test.

  • If you take medications: Bring a written list thereof.


Appointments in Provincial Traffic (Alicante)

To do paperwork in the Provincial Traffic Headquarters in Alicante, you will need to make an appointment. It can be arranged by choosing the day and time in www.dgt.es or by calling 060.

How much does it cost to do the driving aptitude test with us?

If you are a member of Centro Clinico Torrevieja, well individually or well because you belong to any group or association member in turn of Centro Clinico Torrevieja, you will

enjoy a 30-50% of discount off the official prices (“Trafico”- DGT Taxes not included). Ask us about tour discount before the test is performed.

For the rest of cases prices are:

A,AM,B,BE obtention €40
extension €35
C,D,E, btp obtention €40
extension €40
Marina obtention €40
extension €35
APP (Dangerous Dogs) obtention €45
extension €45
Cranes obtention €40
extension €40
Personal Security obtention €45
extension €45
Arms obtention €45
extension €45

Table of DGT Fees

5 years 23.80 €
4 years 19 €
3 years 14,30 €
2 years 9,50 €
1 year 4,80 €