What advantages does a membership offer?

  • Access to ambulatory quality private medicine at token prices.
  • Although you always have access to Social Security, we provide assistance for consultations or specialised tests immediately if urgent.
  • Always on hand for a second opinion o with services that don’t exist in the hospital or health centre as chiropody, dental clinic, psychology, driving psychometric tests, medical legal expertize reports, removal of wartzs, spots, or moles considered as Aesthetic Surgery by the National health system, etc… at low cost for members.
  • If you want personal care, without overcrowding, quiet and efficient.

As a member, how do I obtain my services and treatments?

  • In signing a contract, we send you an identification card, one for the membership holder and one for each beneficiary. Simply show the card at reception each time you come to the clinic.
  • For groups or Associations, the card will include the Collective’s name and member’s data with the identity number of his collective’s membership.

What class of annual contract do I choose and how much does it cost?


Tabla Tipos Contratos - Inglés CCT-MT 2016