Minor Outpatient Surgery (Laser, Radiofrequency and Conventional)..

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Among the interventions made by our experienced staff in Minor Outpatient Surgery (CMA) you can find the excision biopsy, needle biopsy and excision or elimination of the most common skin lesions such as warts (flat, seborrheic, sessile, pedunculated or simple), abscesses, lipomas, cysts, and many other common skin lesions.

The techniques employed are conventional surgery, laser or radiofrequency. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia without any pain. It doesn’t generally leave residual marks or they are imperceptible.

The prices are currently very attractive if you want to get rid of old annoying or unsightly lesions (50€ 60€ for possible further injury including post-op treatment) with a guarantee of quality and widely proven results for over 12 years now in our center. Some companies have covered this useful and practical service for a long time. Find out for yourself.



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