Dental facilities.

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Waiting Room

The dental area of Centro Clinico y Dental opens with a spacious and comfortable waiting room that combines soft colors, music and audiovisual entertainment for the distraction of the patient. By connecting to networked computer system and interco...

Sterilization Area

Our commitment is to provide maximum safety for our patients, so all of our staff follow a strict protocol for the perfect aseptic disinfecting antibacterial liquid first with instrumental and work surfaces.

Panoramic X-Ray Room

Performing dental panoramic x-rays or panoramic x-rays, Centro Clinico y Dental ensures a correct diagnosis and treatment plan for our patients, as well as studying the budget and instant dental implants without obligation.

Dental Cabinets

The 2 dental surgeries benefit from outdoor lighting and are individually fitted and designed with the latest technologies, each containing intra-oral cameras, x-rays and computer software provided with a network that will collect all information,...